We all enjoy the holidays but they can become overwhelming. If you find yourself in need of a little help you can call on us here at Personal Touch Occasions to relieve the pressure of the season.


New Year’s Eve./Day

New Year's Eve

It’s that time again… time to roll over the calendar and start a new year. Make your New Year’s Eve party pop!! Need help…?

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is a lovers holiday filled with candy, flowers, heart shaped cakes and romantic getaways. Do you want to give or get something special this year? Need help…?

St Patrick’s Day

The four leaf clover, the bag pipes, the Irish. St. Patty’s Day is a great time for the party to start. Need help…?

Independence Day

With all the sacrifices made by our brave American heroes it’s up to us to put that patriotic sparkle into every Independence Day. Need help…?



Easter is a time of colored eggs, laughing children and remembering all that our creator has given us and given up for us. Create the ultimate thank you!! Need help…?

Harvest / Halloween


Harvest Parties are a great way to bring family and friends together to celebrate the bounty of food, life and love. Need help…?

Halloween parties are always a fun time to dress up in crazy costumes. Need help…?


Expressing our gratitude for all that we have in life can carry us through the entire year. Are you looking to share this Thanksgiving Day with other thankful hearts? Need help…?



We all love to come together to enjoy the trees, the sparkling lights, the baby Jesus and the wonderful sweet treats that come with Christmas. Holiday parties also come with some stress, it’s a busy season. Need help…?