Edible Pieces & Candies


Rice Crispy Treats

Rice Treats

You will never think of rice crispy treats the same again after you try our molded designs. Your friends will talk about it for weeks to come. Need Help…?

Pop Corn Balls

The old is made new again when you add popcorn balls to your event treats. Need Help…?


Divinity is a sweet, light candy that adds to your holiday flair. Need Help…?


Enjoy a box of several different varieties of fudge or add them to your center piece display. Need Help…?

Cake Pops / Cone Cakes

Cake Pops Cone Cakes

These Cake Pop and Ice Cream Cone Cake gems are a fun addition to any event with unparalleled flavor and richness. Need Help…?


Is it macaroons or meringue cookies you love? Maybe it’s short bread or sugar cookies instead. Our cookies come and in many different shapes, these delightful pastries are fun and taste fantastic. Need Help…?

Chocolate Candy Designs

These Chocolate Candy Designs will be sure to spark a conversation with your guests and carry that WOW factor!! Need Help…?